Ufemat underwent a historic change at the occasion of the Annual General Meeting in Paris, october 5 & 6, 2006.


Both the commercial members (representative national federations of building material merchants) and the industrial members (the former EUROFORUM-members) decided to "merge" organisations (Ufemat & Euroforum) to be stronger and to have a real impact upon matters concerning building materials in EUROPE. This restructuring was accompanied by VGD.




The Ufemat-website has been restyled to be in line with this new set-up and will be used as an instrument of communication and dialogue.


In Paris a new board of directors was appointed according to the new statutes (for draft Pdf-file click here) :


President : Mr. Géraud Spire, president of the French Federation FFNMC
Vice-President (Industry) : Mr. Geert Segers, Directeur Marketing & Pré- en aftersales Porotherm - Terca - Koramic. Wienerberger.
Vice-President (Commercial members) : Mr. Giuseppe Freri, president of the Italian Federation FEDERCOMATED
Adviser : Mr. Abraham Lingen, former president of the Dutch Federation HIBIN
Secretary General : Mr. Marnix Van Hoe
The first initiative of this team was to order a comprehensive survey of the LOGISTIC function in the European context. This will result in an exhaustive document to be used as a "kick-off" for global initiatives within Ufemat. More information can be found on this document.


The Slovaque federation ZOSS, Mr. Frantisek Korcek (president) , and Mr. Igor Lukac (vice-president) have officially offered to host the 2007 Annual General Meeting in Bratislava from september 27 to 29.


The Carlton-hotel in Bratislava will welcome the Ufemat-delegation with all due respect, as they have done with previous important guests (see picture in the agenda page)


May 2007 be a very succesfull and prosperous year for Building in Europe !


Marnix Van Hoe
Secretary General Ufemat